Matthew Allen, Social Security Expert

Meet Matthew Allen, Social Security Expert

Experience, Recognition, Background

Having performed countless hours of client-focused research, Matthew applies this powerful knowledge and expertise by bringing insightful product vision, finance, and leadership skills to Social Security Advisors.

In addition to co-founding Social Security Advisors, Matthew also founded The Universal Group of Companies, a private investment firm, in 2004. From 2000 to 2004, Matthew was a NYSE Market Maker with LaBranche & Co., a Fortune 500 New York Stock Exchange firm.

Matthew Allen's Retirement Expertise

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Matthew is an established speaker on Social Security topics, including how to maximize your clients’ Social Security.

As a serial entrepreneur who is driven by a passion for providing industry-leading advice to his clients, Matthew Allen has been at the forefront of financial services for over a decade. He has helped thousands of seniors maximize their Social Security benefits and avoid costly mistakes when filing.

In working with his clients, he realized that there was a major education and advice gap when it came to Social Security and was determined to fill this void by co-founding Social Security Advisors.

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"Matthew provided a better understanding of the complex rules of social security claiming."

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