Mary Beth Franklin, CFP®, Social Security Claiming Strategies Expert

Mary Beth Franklin, CFP® Expert on Social Security Claiming Strategies

Meet Mary Beth Franklin, CFP®, Expert on Social Security Claiming Strategies

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Mary Beth writes about the latest research and thought leadership on retirement income planning. Her most recent book, “Maximizing Social Security Retirement Benefits – Everything you need to know to get the most out of complicated new claiming rules”, has been updated to reflect changes in claiming strategies due to the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015.

Presentations usually range from 45 to 90 minutes and include questions and answer sessions with the audience. Some of Mary Beth Franklin’s presentations include:

  • How to Maximize Social Security Benefits Now” discusses the new claiming rules authorized by the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 and reviews strategies for married couples, divorced spouses, surviving spouses and ex-spouses and single individuals.
  • The Broken Three Legged Stool” discusses the demise of pensions as a traditional element of retirement income and the need to include all sorts of assets beyond retirement accounts (such as home equity and continued employment) when creating a retirement income plan. It includes ways to maximize Social Security benefits under current rules.
  • The Ticking Tax Time Bomb” outlines the challenges of managing retirement income in the most tax-efficient manner and discusses the impact on retirement income on Medicare premiums.
  • Why Social Security is Crucial to Women – Women represent more than half of all Social Security benefits whether on their own earnings record or as a spouse, a caregiving spouse, an ex-spouse or a widow. Although women now work and pay Social Security taxes at higher rates than any other time in history, they face considerable retirement planning challenges due to their longer average lifespans and careers that are often interrupted for caregiving duties.

Mary Beth Franklin's Retirement Expertise

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Mary Beth Franklin is passionate about retirement income strategies.

She has a long-time interest and expertise in retirement issues, Social Security, and taxes, with a background in the federal budget, international trade, and Capitol Hill as it affects personal finance.

Mary Beth Franklin is the President of RetirePro and a Contributing Editor to InvestmentNews. She has served as a Senior Editor to Kiplinger’s Personal Finance and a Syndicated Columnist for Maturity News Service/Third Age Media, using her background as a Capitol Hill reporter.


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