Heather Holmes, Retirement Longevity, Health and Wealth Expert

Meet Heather Holmes, Retirement Longevity, Health and Wealth Expert

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Heather is Founder and CEO of Genivity, an innovative WealthTech SaaS platform at the nexus of health and wealth for long term financial planning and wealth management strategies. Heather leads the vision for Genivity and focuses on product design, business development, and fundraising. She brings a decade of sales, marketing and market development experience to Genivity from her time in the medical device industry working for Medtronic & Abbott Vascular. 

Heather Holmes' Retirement Expertise

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Heather focuses on helping advisors and consumers incorporate their individual health and wealth factors to plan for longevity. She brings science to financial planning to create personalized projections about your clients’ health and care costs.

Heather works with over 100 million scientifically relevant data points from more than 90 carefully-vetted and curated data sources including validated data from large studies by the CDC, the SEER Cancer database, the Kaiser Family Foundation, and Social Security Administration. In addition, the Genivity team has evaluated hundreds of studies in high-quality, peer-reviewed academic journals, such as The Journal of the American Medical Association and The New England Journal of Medicine, to find the best parameters for inclusion in the HALO models.

Genevity is designed to complement the relationship between financial advisors and their clients, so they can provide a well-planned and secure financial future.

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"It is so beneficial to understand lifetyle to financial planning outcomes."

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