Erin Fisher, Medicare Expert

Meet Erin Fisher, Consultant and Medicare Expert

Experience, Recognition, Background

Erin Fisher started in 2009. Her clients’ experience is based on education, not selling. She specializes in Medicare plans and represents national and regional carriers. She offers a comprehensive menu of plans to her clients and is a national company licensed in most states. She has partnered with one of the premier Social Security Advisory firms in the nation to create a one-stop shop for her clients to help with two key elements of their retirement.

In 2020, LLC was sold to The Buckley Insurance Group, LLC. With this acquisition her firm now helps close to 5000 clients each year. Erin Fisher founded LLC in 2009. Through her 25 years of knowledge in the Medicare field, she built her business on this expertise and the ability to simplify Medicare for individuals and companies.  She has attained excellence in the Medicare broker community along with many awards and certifications.

Erin Fisher's Retirement Expertise

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The goal is always to find the Medicare plan that meets a person’s health and financial needs.

Erin is now a Medicare Consultant where she advises corporations on Medicare Laws, Regulations, and benefits. She holds corporate Medicare seminars and expands her work as a Medicare expert witness. Erin is active with the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) and the NAHU Medicare Advisory Group.

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